Proximity Marketing, Beacon Advertising, SMS Solutions

We help Small Business & Agencies GROW!

We offer a powerful mobile app/website platform and affordable bluetooth beacons for proximity marketing that send your custom landing page or website directly to any phone in the area, right in the notification bar! Geo Targeted SMS Marketing, Email Marketing, Automate Your Marketing and GROW!

The mobile app & beacon marketing platform is proven to increase revenue in ANY Business. The Platform offers the ability to easily create stunning mobile pages. Includes integrated Text Message & Email Marketing & Automated Birthday Club System.
We provide our beacon marketing system to small business, marketing agencies & resellers. Are you a small business owner? Call us for local sales representative in your area.
Become A Partner for $197 then $97/mth
(Includes 5 Beacons & Instant Access to Partner Pricing)

Get Started With A FREE 30 DAY TRIAL!
Our White Label Beacon App Platform
allows you to EASILY Create A Mobile App Site
then connect your App to ANY beacon with Eddystone url!
The Free Trial allows you to create 1 beacon app & connect it to your phone as a Beacon! You may also upgrade your account to allow 2 more beacon apps for $19/mth, then we ship you 3 beacons free!
When you upgrade to the 3 beacon app platform
we develop the apps and program the beacons for you, for a small setup fee of $49 and $19/mth for the SSL URL & App Hosting. (secure https URL)

Our developer team is constantly working on New Platform integrations to ensure you have the best in the market. This platform gives you the ability to add a Custom icon image beside your beacon broadcast message, you can change both instantly from your phone at anytime!!! Several new features are being implemented with the help of our beta team including well known 3rd party software.

If you are satisfied with our #1 Rated Platform, simply upgrade to the $19/mth 3 beacon app plan or the White Label $97/mth plan to build unlimited apps and get instant access to our beacons that we will program for you & Ship FREE.
Our Beacons Broadcast over 150 FT. (That`s an Entire Football Field)
When You Get The 3 Beacon App Deal!

Get 5 GoBuds™ & Marketing Beacon Apps
Setup Fee: $99 and $25/mth
ORDER 5 Beacon App Deal!

Get 3 GoBuds™ & Marketing Beacon Apps
LIMITED TIME ONLY $49setup and $19/mth
(Includes Powerful Marketing Platform)
Broadcast Your Message Over 150 Yards!
ORDER 3 Beacon App Deal!
EARN $10 For Each Friend You Refer!


Get Started with the New Beacon App Platform with Built in Analytics. Add Custom Images with your messages!
Just $97 setup and $97/mth (unlimited apps White labeled Under Your Brand)
You will have instant access to the platform with this purchase! You can do it all yourself with this plan. (Program Beacons & Design Apps) or let us do it for you! You will be required to create the beacon apps first, then you can connect the app to your beacon. You may also have us program beacons to the apps you create, then we ship them programmed. for $5 each

(Starter Package Includes 500 Credits)
$25 setup and $25/mth
Buy now!

The SMS & Email Marketing App Builder Platform is currently Separate from the updated beacon platform. Soon to be all in one platform with unlimited everything, as soon as our developer team has completed all required BETA Testing!
Please browse the site to learn more.
Most beacons are shipped within 3-7 days
(no refunds, see terms for more info)

Become an Affiliate Today!
Each person you signup will be on the new updated platform. You will be earning 50% commissions for the life of each account. if they choose the free trial you will earn $9.50 per month after they start the monthly commitment. If they join the white label platform you will earn $48.50 per month for the life of their account!
Requirements: Ambition, determination, and Internet Access! Register For FREE, NO COST! ALL current clients can get this 100% free by request!

Fantastic Features

Our mobile marketing apps are combined with beacon technology to increase traffic! They have all the features that allow your customers to understand your business, your products, and your services. All of your customers will get a notification on phone as soon as they are near your business. They tap the notification and are instantly on your page to join your birthday club, etc. Also When a person visits your desktop website from their mobile phone, they will be redirected to a beautiful & easy to use mobile friendly web design, we simply use a redirect code for the old dinosaur site you may have. ;) Allow your customers to easily call, email, or text message you, see all your locations, view maps, get GPS directions, view photos, purchase your products, access your Facebook page & Twitter feed, Rate your business directly to YOU, or leave a public review, plus a lot more.


Let people call you instantly with one click or add one tap chat, so all of your customers can tap a chat bot to start chatting with you right away!

Social Media Integration

Include all of your social media links like Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, & YouTube
Restaurants can easily include all review sites to gain more online ratings.

Maps & GPS directions

Let people find you easily with Google Maps & 1 Tap GPS directions

Phones & Tablets

All Platforms: Works with iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, iPad, & ALL Tablets. Custom Native Apps are also available for an additional fee. Keep in mind that native apps often get deleted due to space requirements on mobile devices, so we specialize in mobile web pages that convert to more leads and sale to help you grow.

Mobile Shopping Cart

Let people purchase your products
right from their mobile phone.
Easy upsell solutions and more.
Get paid through PayPal or Stripe.
Top of the line Online Ordering for restaurants at low rates.

Photo gallery

Show people photos of your store and your special products, or we can create a panorama 360 image

App styles

Our mobile apps can be designed with many different styles. No two web apps we create are alike. We work with you to design the perfect header, footer, the style of the buttons, font size, icon size, colors, background image, transparency of the buttons, and much more. We custom code your app just the way you want it!

Tap-2-Call buttons

Having an easy way for your customers to call you on their mobile phone is very important. We offer the ability to have more than one Tap-2-call phone number because some businesses can have several different phone numbers, for example a phone number to make reservations and another phone number to place to go orders. When a customer clicks the phone number on your app, the phone places the call instantly, avoiding the need to write down the phone number then key in the phone number to place the call.

Customer feedback

All businesses love getting customer feedback, whether it is good feedback or bad feedback. Our web apps include an area dedicated to collecting customer feedback for you to read and review. The web app feedback form ask the customer to give a thumbs up or a thumbs down and ask for their name, mobile number, and any extra comments they would like to offer. Once a customer submits their feedback, you receive a notification so you can read the feedback the customer gave.

Email us form

Include an email us form allowing customers to email you directly. The customer is asked their name, email address, phone number, and to enter any comments or questions they might have. Once the customer submits the form on the web app, the information is emailed to you to read and review.

Google maps & directions

Allow web app visitors to find you easily with a Google map and driving directions. The map will show a pin over your location and if the user gives the web app access to their phone GPS, will also show a pin over their current location and turn by turn driving directions. If you has multiple locations you can include a Google map to each of your locations. The visitor can see a list of the locations and click any of the addresses to view a Google map and get directions.

Web forms

You can easily add custom web forms to any web app. Once added the visitor browsing the web app can fill out the form and submit their results to the you instantly. When the visitor submits the form, you will receive an email letting you know someone has filled out the form. If needed you can also export the results from our online control panel in a CSV format which can be easily imported into programs like Microsoft Excel and others. Our forms are mobile friendly and touch enabled. We currently offer the ability to include: input fields, textareas, drop down menus, checkboxes, radio buttons, upload files and submit buttons.

Event List

Easily include a list of upcoming events you might be attending or putting on. You can display all the needed details about the event like the venue name & location, an overview of the event, the date, starting time, and ending time of the event, a Google map to the event, and even a photo.

Shopping cart

Sell more by providing your customers an easy way to purchase via your web page. Our web pages are set up to allow people to purchase restaurant menu items, products, and services right from the web. Using PayPal your clients can purchasing items from the mobile web page. When a new order is placed a notification is sent to you, giving you a detailed overview of the buyer and the items that were ordered. Even offer upsells within the checkout cart to the shopper! Most agencies have great success reselling this feature to local business.

Beacon Marketing Solutions

We provide wholesale bluetooth beacons connected to our powerful marketing platform.
We provide your agency with the ability to Send your clients offer directly to any phone around with a special offer to keep them coming back. (think shopping mall) Get the 3 Beacon deal and broadcast your ads over 150 yards!
Each beacon signal transmits into a notification on any phone within a 50yard radius of the business. Change the broadcast message at anytime for an instant update right from your phone. Small Businesses love it!

GoBuds™ Bluetooth Beacons

We provide high quality cost efficient and reliable beacons. The battery that last for two years+. Each beacon sends a signal to any phone within a 50 yard radius. Get 3 beacons and cover over 150 yards! Get 10 beacons and broadcast your advertisements over an entire mile in your city! The possibilities are endless with our systems and pricing.
Our beacons are priced so beautifully at only $10 each, so you can buy in bulk and advertise your business all around the city. We have partners with very large advertising networks generating a ton of revenue by implementing our GetLocal Mobile City Guide in their city with custom Rotating Banner Ads. The possibilities are limitless, you can advertise anything you can think of. NEW FEATURES Coming Soon!

Live Chat

We provide a 3rd party live chat feature that can be integrated into your beacon marketing websites. This is a free feature added by request.
It consist of a native app for the business owner to receive push notifications, analytics, and more when a new visitor arrives. Visit for more info.


Restaurant Loyalty & Online Ordering App

$297 /month

Setup Fee: $1500

  • 24 Hour Setup & Design
  • Tap-2-Call
  • Tap-2-Text
  • GPS Directions
  • Facebook Share Button
  • Viral Share: customers share with phone contacts
  • SMS Marketing: 1 Keyword with Unlimited messaging credits
  • Unlimited Email Marketing & Social Media Marketing Platform
  • Loyalty Rewards: (7 punches to get 1 free drink)
  • Menu & Online Ordering System
  • Mobile Coupon Creator: Rub 2 Win Contest
  • Live Chat & Push notifications from your customers
  • Vcard: Customers save info to phone contacts
  • Tracking: Google Analytics, weekly reports
  • Mobile App Poster Graphics & QR Code
  • Free Listing on Get Local NC_Mobile City Guide
  • Tablet Kiosk: Grow your list with a kiosk at the front door!
  • Unlimited Support
  • Pay Annual for 20% Savings ($959.52/yearly)
  • Lifetime Plan: $5,200. (You Own It) then $25/monthly for sms messages.
  • NEW Birthday Club Marketing System
  • Buy Now

Mobile Loyalty App

$79.95 /month

Setup Fee: $197

  • 24 Hour Setup & Design
  • Loyalty Punch Card System:
  • Tap-2-Call
  • Tap-2-Text
  • GPS Directions
  • Facebook Share Button
  • Viral Share: Customers share with phone contacts
  • Text, Email Marketing & Social Media Marketing Platform
  • SMS Marketing: 500 Text Credits to send deals to YOUR customers
  • Vcard: Customers save info to phone contacts
  • Free Coupon Listing on Mobile City Guide
  • Live Chat & Push notifications from your customers
  • Track Success with Google Analytics
  • Showcase your Products & Services or Menu
  • Pay Annual for 20% Savings
  • Lifetime Plan: $2,500. (You Own It) then pay $9.95/monthly for sms messages.
  • Includes 1 Beacon, We will contact you by email after completed purchase.
  • Buy Now

Custom Video Commercial

$29.95 /month

Setup Fee: $497

  • We create a custom video commercial for your business.
  • includes monthly SEO - Video will stay on 1st page of GOOGLE
  • Now Offering, NEW Spokesperson Videos
  • Buy Now

Mobile Business Card App

$79.95 /month

Setup Fee: $197

  • We bring your business card to life!
  • 1 Beacon Included: Send Your Info To Any Phone Near You!
  • Tap 2 Call Button
  • Tap for GPS Directions
  • Social Media Integration
  • Facebook Share Feature
  • Viral Share: customers share with contacts
  • Email Marketing & Social Media Marketing Platform
  • Schedule & Automate Your Messages!
  • Add SMS Marketing for $29.95/monthly
  • Tracking: Google Analytics, monthly reports
  • Products & Services Page
  • Pay Annual for 20% Savings
  • Buy Now

Mobile App: Dentistry

$79.95 /month

Setup Fee: $197

  • Pay Annual for 20% Savings
  • Buy Now

Landing Page & Marketing Platform

$49.95 /month

Setup Fee: $89

  • Custom Landing Page Design
  • Your WebPage is easily saved with ICON to home screen of Any Phone!
  • Email Marketing (Unlimited Messages)
  • SMS Marketing (500 Text Messages)
  • Social Media (Unlimited Messages)
  • Schedule & Automate Messages
  • Pay Annual for 20% Savings
  • Includes 1 Beacon, We will contact you by email after completed purchase.
  • Buy Now

Buy SMS Credits (500 Credits)

$29.95 /month

Setup Fee: $49

  • Schedule & Automate Your Messages!
  • Use Unlimited Keywords in ONE Platform
  • Text COUPONS to 27126 for DEMO
  • Additional KEYWORD $2 each
  • 1,000 SMS Credits = $55 per month
  • 2,500 SMS Credits = $75 per month
  • 5,000 SMS Credits = $149 per month
  • 10,000 SMS Credits = $249 per month
  • Buy Now

Mobile App: Car Wash & Detailing

$79.95 /month

Setup Fee: $197

  • TapTo Call
  • Tap for GPS Directions
  • Tap To Text
  • Unlimited Email & Social Media Marketing (Automate Messages)
  • Schedule & Automate Your Messages!
  • Birthday Club: Automatically sends a free birthday wash to your clients every year!
  • Loyalty Stamp Club: (5 washes get 1 free)
  • Reputation Management System: Clients send message direct to owner for complaints to prevent bad online reviews!
  • Viral Share & Facebook Share Button
  • Booking & Payment System
  • Social Media Integration
  • Photo Gallery
  • Add SMS Marketing: $20/Monthly
  • Pay Annual for 20% Savings
  • Includes 1 Beacon, We will contact you by email after completed purchase.
  • Buy Now

Mobile App: Auto Dealership

$79.95 /month

Setup Fee: $197

  • 1 Beacon Included
  • Custom Designed
  • Pay Annual for 20% Savings
  • Showcase listings as Classifieds
  • Place a beacon on each car with short broadcast settings or one beacon for entire lot!
  • Buy Now

Restaurant Menu Import

$25.00 /month

Setup Fee: $249

  • Unlimited Revisions & Updates to Online Menu
  • Buy Now

Restaurant Website: (Done For You)

$49.95 /month

Setup Fee: $1289

  • Features Menu for Online Ordering
  • Accept Online Credit cards, Card at pickup, or Cash orders
  • Monthly Hosting & SEO Included
  • Pay Annual for 20% Savings
  • Buy Now

Become A Reseller Partner

$97.00 /month

Setup Fee: $199.00

  • Sell GoBuds Beacon Marketing MBC`s
  • Integrated Marketing Platform (Text/Email/Social)
  • Loyalty Rewards Platform
  • Online Ordering For Restaurants
  • Sell Text Message Marketing
  • NOW, Includes Restaurant Reseller System!
  • All of The Products Listed Easily sell for $197+ to Local Businesses in Your Area.
  • You Will Be Enrolled As A Partner Affiliate for Larger Bonus Commissions!
  • Buy Now

Native App

$39.95 /month

Setup Fee: $1500

  • Your App in Google Play Store
  • Your App in Amazon App Store
  • Your App in Apple App Store
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Buy Now

GoBuds Beacon Deal

$49 /month

Setup Fee: $99

  • Check The Home Page For the 5 Beacon Deal1
  • Includes 3 Beacons!
  • Sends Notification to ANY Android or Apple Device!
  • Covers Over 150 Yards!
  • Your website appears in the notification bar of anyone near your business!
  • We Program The Beacon To ANY Website!
  • Includes A FREE Mobile Landing Page
  • Text Message & Email & Social Media Marketing Platform Included!
  • After purchase you will get an email for link & shipping info!
  • 1 Client Referral = $10 + $5/ Residual Monthly Commission!
  • Buy Now

1 GoBud Beacon

$25 /month

Setup Fee: $49

  • Can Link To Your Existing Website
  • (Your First Month is Charged with Setup Fee)
  • Create A Free Secure Landing Page
  • Buy Now

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